Cut Paves



Cut Paves_2C


Paves with 2 sawed faces and the rest of faces rustic.

Piece_Thickness(A)xLeng.(C)xWidth(B) (mm) Leng.xWidthxThickness (cm)
 Thickness 50 mm  
 2C_50.100.100  10x10x5
 2C_50.150.150  15x15x5
 2C_50.200.100  20x10x5
 2C_50.300.150  30x15x5
 2C_50.300.200  30x20x5
 Thickness 80 mm  
  2C_80.100.100    10x10x8
  2C_80.150.150    15x15x8
   2C_80.200.100    20x10x8
2C_80.300.150  30x15x8
2C_80.300.200  30x20x8
 Thickness 100 mm  
  2C_100.100.100    10x10x10
2C_100.150.150  15x15x10
  2C_100.200.100    20x10x10
2C_100.300.150  30x15x10
 2C_100.300.200  30x20x10














Type of reference Example
2C_designation piece.x1.x2 Cut Paves 50.100.100
x1_colour of granite 30_White Silver
x2_finish F_Flamed




Result of the product code - 2C_50.100.100.30.F

Application Cut Paves
Cut Paves