Granital - Granitos de Portugal, S.A.

Granital - Granitos de Portugal, S.A.

Granital is considered to be one of the major companies in the natural stones sector in Portugal.

Granite is a fine, medium or thick-grain magmatic rock, composed mainly of quartz and feldspars. Its common mineral characteristics are muscovite, biotitic and/or amphiboles.

Portuguese granites are appreciated for their quality and variety. They are used with increasing frequency in the area of urban development and public works. Founded in 1971, Granital has become one of the leading companies in the natural stones sector in Portugal.

In early 1994, the company began producing granite cubes, and a year later started to produce granite objects such as kerbstones, paving stones, seats and drinking fountains. In 1999, Granital increased its focus on granite exports, perfecting techniques and methods that enabled it to improve the quality of the product.

Granital continues to improve its techniques and is investing in machinery to enhance the quality of its products. The company also emphasises the ecological aspect by introducing new manufacturing processes aimed at reducing fossil fuel consumption and minimising dust and noise.

Furthermore, in order to better accompany trends in the competitive market, we have opted to make new investments in our “rustic” product factory for the design of special pieces, especially sculptures. We have also created a harmonious relationship between the environment and the object designed.

Recently, through a partnership with architect Vitor Lourenço, we have available in our Granites and Marbles in some, the URBCONCEPT line.

Following the partnership established through Sopir (production of aggregates), E.I.P. bought 60 % of Granital – Granitos de Portugal, S.A. on the 17th of July 2009.